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PRESH BEAUTi – Hair & Lash is one of India’s first DIY Human Hair & Eyelash brand. We are a small home grown brand which has lots of love & confidence to deliver along with our products. Our main focus is customer satisfaction to the T and giving back to the environment while being at it. Animal Welfare is closest to our heart and we donate 5% of annual profit towards their welfare and rescue funds. Our brand is PETA Approved and is 100% Vegan & Cruelty free. We promise to delivery happiness and confidence with our product range.

The beginning

All the products are Vegan and cruelty free that’s the core of the brand and taking my love for animals up a notch I contribute 5% of PRESH BEAUTi’s Annual profits towards animal welfare and my contribution as an individual towards society. One of the main reasons to start this brand is to bring animal welfare to the forefront and bring more awareness towards their needs.


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Our Founder

The story

I have struggled with PCOD since I was 10 years old (before the term even existed) and have since faced major hairfall, hair thinning and now receding hairline which on somedays does break my confidence. As an actor most of the heavy lifting are done by how I look on camera and having quick fix was a must and that’s when I came across hair topper and extensions that solved my hair issues instantly and gave back my confidence.

That’s when I thought, there are so many men & women out there like me who struggle with major hair loss and thought of creating something affordable for them so they no longer have to struggle confidence issues that come with sever hairfall .


Here at PRESH BEAUTi we embrace the differences and encourage each and every member to be unabashedly themselves and just BE DIFFERENT in their own way and never be apologetic about it.


Here at PRESH BEAUTi we have 3 Rules we abide by


All products must be of excellent quality and easy to use


No animals will be used or harmed in the process


We don’t want anyoe to hide behind our products but shine with it! You are gorgeous with or without it

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C2c – 106 pocket 12 janakpuri, New Delhi, India – 110058
+91 9667308985